Secrets from the Universe

Colouring book with comics about Universe hacking the logical mind of humans and Bacteria watching it all on Bflix. For the fans of personal transformation and living systems.

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A trip inside the human body.

The book will take you into the hidden micro worlds…

Brain Land

Gut Land

Heart Land

Blood Roads

Skin Land

Spells to friend imaginative waves

Each spell transforms human senses and reveals the patterns of Living Systems.

#0 Spell

Octopus Way

Feeling deep togetherness.

David Bohm @ Physics
Mansoor Vakili @ Living Systems Philosophy
#1 Spell

Butterfly Chats

Spontaneously connecting.

Buckminster Fuller @ Synergetics

Lynn Margulis @ Microbiology

#2 Spell


Sharing resources.

Paul Stamets @ Mycology

Fritjof Capra @ Systems Thinking
#3 Spell

Birds Eye

Seeing the big picture and seeing the small view now.

Mindey @ Mathematics


@ Animism

#4 Spell


Spiraling ideas that breed ideas that breed ideas.


Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela @ Living Systems

Feedback Loops

@ Ecology

Self-Help Jokes

Reflect on your imaginary trip.

Basics of Science

Learn why interdependence is how life is.

For the Busy

When you don't have time for facts, just for laughs.

Colour Comics

When you need that moment of awe.

Write Inside

Don't believe me. Well, challenge me! Respond inside.

Fits Any Pocket

Let me follow you and carry a-ha moments with you.

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When I move through chaos, I look up to see the light. Imagination hacks my mind.

~ RUTA IO, Author

A Book About Transition

Inspired by nature and busy lives of humans, MUTANTU invites readers to friend a superhero inside their bodies. A comic story walks a reader through imaginary conversations between life forms and culminates with a creative energy, the same energy that creates everything around us, inhabiting a human being, until through adventures of symbiosis, a human finally accepts co-existence, and with new thinking in mind, they shape the future of a Spaceship Earth. Forever.

Personal Transformation

Living Systems Philosophy

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